Tennis Campers Compete in Singles, Doubles Brackets

Week One of the 23rd annual Tim Cleland Tennis Camp concluded on Friday, June 15 with campers competing for championships in multiple singles and doubles brackets.  The players battled hot temperatures (90 degrees) throughout the day, with the final bracket ending shortly after 9 p.m.

Winners and runners-up:

A1 Singles = Clayton Becker def. Andrew Combs
A2 Singles = Jaden Sebastian def. Lance Holdren
A1 Doubles = Tannon Dishman/Joel Ashman def. Michael Curtis/Cade Brown
A2 Doubles = Izzy Behrman/Catherine Draghiciu def. Maggie Manor/Tynan Dishman

B1 Singles = Adams Combs def. Ryan Sebastian
B2 Singles = Jaydon Sarino def. Owen Vest
B3 Singles = Brylee Beckley def. Josh Grunkemeyer
B4 Singles = Kody Vest def. Kelsey Vest
B1 Doubles = Dalton Royal/Brayden Stanley def. Jason Curtis/Riley Bratton
B2 Doubles = Gabby Knight/Nicki Southerland def. Maddy Robbins/Madelyn Haley
B3 Doubles = Katie Manor/Rowan Hinds def. Tyce Dishman/Sam Tokar
B4 Doubles = Rhian Cline/Emily Hayes def. Laura Fowler/Kayla Parris

C1 Singles = Cole Terry def. Bryce Carmichael
C1 Doubles = Mylee Jones/Josiah Berry def. Noah Raymond/Charlie Vannatter

The following players were chosen as Campers of the Week:

K-1-2-3 session = Bryce Carmichael and Paige Hayes
4th-5th session = Josh Grunkemeyer and Rowan Hinds
6th,7th,8th session = Adam Gillis and Gabby Knight
HS Regular session = Lance Holdren and Jaden Sebastian
HS Advanced session = Michael Curtis and Abby Bamidele