The 18th Penguin Classic

The 19th annual Penguin Classic tennis tournament is cancelled for the Summer of 2020 due to the pandemic. We plan to resume the Penguin next summer.

Here are the results from the 2019 Penguin Classic!

DivisionWinnerRunner-UpConsolation Winner
Boys 13-Under SinglesDalton RoyalMicah BryantNate Grunkemeyer
Girls 13-Under SinglesAva MarroniBrylee BeckleyKelsey Vest
Boys 13-Under DoublesJJ Lynch / Tyce DishmanKody Vest / Owen CuppJosh Grunkemeyer / Sam Tokar
Boys 14-16 SinglesLance HoldrenNick GaddisMatthew Weill vs. Jacob Daugherty
Boys 14-16 DoublesMatthew Weill / Jacob DaughertyRaphael Sabijon / Jaydon SarinoChase Mickley / Reid Eckert
Girls 14-16 SinglesGwendolyn ClarkSaige RinkenbergerNicki Southerland
Girls 14-16 DoublesNicki Southerland / Gabby KnightMaddy Robbins / Mallory RobbinsBrylee Beckley / Kelsey Vest
Boys 17-19 SinglesCharlie BehrmanBrandon JacksonWill Thurlow
Boys 17-19 DoublesMason Knight / Charlie BehrmanBrandon Jackson / Tanner SoutherlandSpencer Stewart / Will Thurlow
Girls 17-19 SinglesIsabelle BehrmanTynan DishmanSaige Rinkenberger
Girls 17-19 DoublesIsabelle Behrman / Kayla DubuqueTynan Dishman / Gwendolyn ClarkAbby Williams / Abby Hartley
Mixed 14-UnderDalton Royal / Nicki SoutherlandTyce Dishman / Gabby KnightJJ Lynch / Katie Manor
Mixed 15-19Mason Knight / Isabelle BehrmanCade Brown / Tynan DishmanRiley Windsor / Shelby McClain vs. Daniel Vencel / Abby Bamidele
Men's A SinglesIgnacio PoncioAlec RobillardJacob Brewer vs. Tanner Southerland
Men's A DoublesGrant Esposito / Alec RobillardJon Wegener / Jason WegenerJacob Brewer / Nick Bantz vs. Jaigen Glaze / Cory Evans
Men's B SinglesDaniel VencelGil AmaralDevin McKinley vs. Riley Windsor
Men's B DoublesDerek Fenwick / Gil AmaralNike Schmaltz / Kyle NelsonJeff Chambers / Cade Brown
Men's 40+ SinglesTim ClelandBill WamplerChristian Haley
Women's A DoublesIsabelle Behrman / Kayla DubuqueTynan Dishman / Gwendolyn Clark
Women's B DoublesAbby Bamidele / Sara CardemonMaggie Hunt / Molly Hunt
Mixed A DoublesRiley Worland / Kayla DubuqueAlec Robillard / Grace BelangeeGil Amaral / Bella Roark
Mixed B DoublesChristian Haley / Madelyn HaleyTyler Roark / Bella Roark

Penguin 2019 Entry Form

Monday June 24, 2019 – Saturday, June 29, 2019

Location: Delta High School Courts (on SR 28 one mile east of SR 3)

We have about 120 youth and adult players in this year’s tournament! This is another great turnout!  Thank you to all who have signed up for your support of our tournament.

ALSO, PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION!  Recent Delta HS graduate Ellie Snider will be heading to Liberia for a missions trip this coming week.  She is planning to introduce tennis and teach the basics to the Liberian kids in her area.  We are collecting a few old/used youth or adult rackets for her to take on the trip (we have plenty of old balls).  If you have an old racket to donate for the cause, please bring it to the Penguin on Monday and put it in the collection box in the shelterhouse!  Thanks!

Wednesday will be “Penguin Day” at the tournament. 

We are requesting that all players competing in Wednesday matches please dress in black and white clothing only!  We are planning to grill burgers and hot dogs (not penguins!) Wednesday afternoon and evening, so enjoy a free sandwich!


2019 Starting Times  (click here)


  1. Report to Delta HS courts at least 15 minutes before your scheduled match time.
  2. Bring one can of unopened tennis balls (Dunlop, Wilson, Penn or Prince) for each division.
  3. You and your opponent open one of the cans for the match; winner then takes the unopened can on to the next round; loser takes the used balls for the consolation rounds.
  4. Cans of Dunlop Grand Prix balls will be on sale at the tournament desk for $3 per can.
  5. In the event of rain, report to the Delta courts for further instructions.  You also can check this website for rain updates. Please do not immediately begin calling my cell phone when it first starts to rain.  It takes time to re-do the schedule when it rains; I will not have an immediate answer for your questions, and the phone calls will slow down the process.  Thanks for your patience!
  6. Ice-cold Gatorade and bottled water will be on sale for $1 per bottle.
  7. Prior to your first match, be sure to pay your registration fees ($12 for singles, $10 per person for doubles/mixed doubles, $20 total for youths for all divisions) if you have not already done so.
  8. Matches will be 2 of 3 sets, with a 10-point match tiebreaker in lieu of a full third set.
  9. And finally, if you find your time below and there is a problem, please contact Tim Cleland at 765-730-3288.  If you text me, please identify yourself unless you’re sure you are in my contacts.  … First, try to resolve the time conflict on your end (ex: switch a work shift, etc.) … But if it’s an unsolvable problem, then contact me for help.  I already have tried to schedule around the time issues that you listed on your entry forms!  It is very difficult to accommodate all time issues, so please keep that in mind.