Grandma Peggy Brown Spirit of Caring Award

The award honors the memory of DHS Tennis super-fan Grandma Peggy Brown, who passed away in October 2008. The award recognizes DHS Tennis players who have been selfless in their service to others.

Grandma Brown’s grandsons, Josh Chambers and Jordan Chambers, were both standout players for DHS Tennis.  Grandma Brown regularly supported DHS Tennis in multiple ways, including making an afghan blanket for all seniors each season.  The players often took the blankets with them to college.

Upon her death, Grandma Brown’s memorials were to DHS Tennis, which provided some of the seed money for the Tennis Shelter House.  Special plaques listing the Grandma Brown award recipients are located inside the shelter.  The plaques are courtesy of Dave and Jeanne Cleland and are housed in a box constructed by former DHS Tennis standout Nick Wilson’s grandfather.

The photo above shows the special plate that award recipients are given.  The plates are from Made in Muncie Pottery in downtown Muncie.

Award Winners
2023 — Emily Hayes, Owen Vest
2022 —
Madelyn Haley, Hannah McDowell, Lizzy Thomas, Brad Shue
2021 —
Sara Cardemon, Jacy Bradley, Jordan Ashton
2020 — Olivia Bradburn, Jaigen Glaze, Mason Knight
2019 —
Ellie Snider, Tannon Dishman, Ben Bamidele
2018 — Emma Snider, Grace Belangee, Lexie Manor, Jason Wegener
2017 — Abby Shafer, Ruth Smith, Alex Thomas
2016 — Maddie Holdren, Shelby Robbins, Katelyn Milligan, Matt Hapner, Jacob Brewer
2015 — Kiera Helm, Kaylin Gibson, Nick Wilson
2014 — Madison Ashman, Shelby Richardson, Bradley Wuthrich
2013 — Katherine Smith, Jenny Wegener, David Hoopingarner, Evan Snider
2012 — Megan Buckner, Lynne Costello, Bond St. John
2011 — Lexi Cocco, Aubrey Smith, Zach Richardson
2010 — Beth Ellcessor, Taylor Cardini, Josh Hapner
2009 — Kelly Crider, Jared Bullock