Booster Club

The annual fee to be a member of the Delta Tennis Booster Club is $30 per family. Checks should be made payable to Delta High School.

Parents of Delta Tennis players are asked to pay the dues at the start of their son or daughter’s season.

Other patrons who would like to donate are always welcome. Anyone interested in joining the Booster Club to support the program may contact Head Coach Tim Cleland.

Spring 2024 Booster Members

Ty and Amber Anderson
Scott Ayres and Amy Hensley
Olu and Anne Bamidele
Dan and Julie Beckley
Gretchen and Harriet Binney
David and Lynde Bratton
Sergio Diaz and Mireya Chavez
Amy Dishman
Nick and Alyssa Dowling
Brent and Annette Downing
Brian and Megan Flowers
Chad and Rogeal Hinds
Ronald and Kara Hines
Ryan and Megan Jones
Joe Knight
Jason and Debbie Lipps
Jesse and Jennie Longsworth
Lucas and Katie Manor
Doug and April Marcum
Doug and Julie Marshall
Josh and Jess Moody
Karl and Shannon Obenski
Joe and Amy Oliver
Chris and Dawn Raleigh
Jason and Bethany Ratts
Travis and Lani Richey
Gene and Andrea Ritter
Erik and Julia Sanchez
Adam and Jaime Sieber
Jamie and Brandi Swoboda
Billy and Candace True
Nathan and Amy Vest

Spring 2024 Booster Club Categories

Notify Tim Cleland by phone or email to get signed up!

Listed below are opportunities to serve on the Delta High School Girls Tennis Booster Club. Each category has a brief description of what is involved.  Sign up for whatever interests you most. Most categories will need more than one person.

"Feel free to call me" listThis is a special list that includes those parents who say they are always willing to be called when more help or more food is needed for one of our many events!

Please send Tim a note or an email or text if you want to be added to this list!
Tim Cleland, Megan Jones, Julie Beckley, Bethany Ratts (willing to organize items or bring food but needs more instructions), Lani Richey, Julia Sanchez, April Marcum, Dawn Raleigh, Amber Anderson, Julie Marshall, Amy Vest, Kelly Manor, Gretchen Binney
TreatsSets up schedule for Snack/Drink volunteers, sends reminders as neededCOORDINATOR: Amy Vest
Team DirectoryCreate Player / Parent RosterCOORDINATOR: Megan Jones
Locker DecorationsWorks within school policy to decorate lockers of players/managersCOORDINATOR:

Andrea Ritter
Parent Apparel Coordinator(s)Compile list of available items, take orders, collect moneyCOORDINATOR: Lani Richey, Amy Vest, Kelly Manor,

Helper: Megan Jones, April Marcum, Amber Anderson, Jamie Sieber, Gretchen Binney,
Eagle Round Robin Food (Varsity)
April 13
Arrange for volunteers to bring all necessary food/drinkCOORDINATORS: Amy Vest

Helper: Julie Beckley, Joe Knight, Julie Marshall, Jaime Sieber, Kelly Manor,
Teacher Appreciation Day
April 17 vs. Mt. Vernon
Organize refreshments, secure photographer, provide small token for teachersCOORDINATOR: Julie Marshall, Jamie Sieber,

Helpers: Julie Beckley, Lynde Bratton, Brent/Annette Downing, Alyssa Dowling, Anne Bamidele, Dawn Raleigh, Rogeal Hinds, Amber Anderson
Crawfordsville Inv. Food
(Varsity and top JV)
April 20
Arrange for volunteers to bring all necessary food/drink for Saturday actionCOORDINATOR:

Plymouth JV Invitational
April 20
Arrange for volunteers to bring all necessary food/drink for Saturday actionCOORDINATOR:

Delta Inv. Food (Varsity / Some JV)
April 27
Arrange for volunteers to bring all necessary food/drinkCOORDINATOR:
Varsity and limited JV:

Helpers: Julie Beckley, Joe Knight, Amy Vest, Kelly Manor,
SmashCancer 12.0
April 30
Assist with preparations for 12th annual SmashCancer match at YorktownCOORDINATORS:
Tim Cleland, Megan Jones

Server Survivors Coordinator:

Sponsor Signs Coordinators:

Food Coordinator: Yorktown Parents

Helpers: Julie Beckley, Lani Richey, Jesse/Jennie Longsworth, April Marcum, Jamie/Brandi Swoboda, Megan Flowers, Akyssa Dowling, Andrea Ritter, Dawn Raleigh, Rogeal Hinds, Amber Anderson, Julie Marshall, Jaime Sieber, Amy Vest, Jason/Debbie Lipps, Jess Moody, Kellly Manor,
Senior Day Festivities
May 6 vs Pendleton
Organizes and recruits volunteers to donate cookies, punch, nuts. Order cake for seniors. Arrange serversCOORDINATORS: Julie Beckley, Lynde Bratton


Helpers: Megan Jones, Lani Richey, Amy Hensley, Joe/Amy Oliver, Alyssa Dowling,, Andrea Ritter, Rogeal Hinds, Amber Anderson, Amy Vest, Kelly Manor, Gretchen Binney,
Post Season Awards BanquetWork with coaches to determine a site. Create RSVP, work with staff at restaurant or caterer, decorations, etc.NEED TWO COORDINATORS: Amber Anderson, Julie Marshall

Helpers (NEED 2-3 helpers): Megan Jones, April Marcum (Harvest Church), Julie Marshall, Jamie Sieber, Amy Vest,
Senior ScrapbooksCreate photo scrapbooks for the seniors as a memory of the seasonCOORDINATOR:

Senior VideoCreate season video documentary using still pictures and videoCOORDINATOR:

Need photographers!
Tennis Ball Signs for CourtMake and hang individualized tennis balls for each playerCOORDINATOR:
(already ordered)
DHS Tennis Yard SignsTake orders for DHS Tennis yard signsCOORDINATOR:

Shannon Obenski
Community Service DinnersOrganize community service dinners for area philanthropic organizationsCOORDINATORS: