Delaware County Tennis Tournament

The 2020 Delaware County Tennis & Pickleball Tournaments are cancelled due to COVID-19

2019 Delaware County Tennis & Pickleball Tournament

Tuesday, July 16 through Sunday, July 21, 2019

All starting times are now posted.  Please refresh your browser each time you check back.

Also, please text MUNCIETENNIS to 844-83 for a free messaging service with tournament updates.

Please note that the tournament begins at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday at Ball State Cardinal Creek courts.  Parking is a bit limited due to construction in the area.  You may have to park a few rows away from the courts in the parking lot.

Entry fee = $22 singles; $36 per doubles team; $30 per pickleball doubles team.  All checks payable to Muncie Tennis Association

Balls are provided for all matches.

Trophies to winners and runners-up in all divisions and to consolation winners in most divisions.


In the event of rain, we will be playing indoors at the YMCA on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.  We could get some remnants of Tropical Storm Barry in this area on those days.

Again, please text MUNCIETENNIS to 844-83 for a free messaging service with tournament updates.  This helps with rain updates.  You can text STOP to that number when you no longer want the messages.



2019 Starting Times


For Pickleball, there are two pools (the Pickled Beets and the Pickled Jalapenos).  We will play one round-robin pool on Wednesday evening and one round-robin pool on Thursday evening.  Best two-of-three games to 11.  These will determine seedings for a bracketed tournament on Saturday.  The Saturday tourney will be a single-elimination front draw with a backdraw for first-round losers.

Pickled Beets Division
(Play starts at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday on two courts)
Hannah Carpenter/Monty Mullins
Derek Fenwick/Ernie Davis
Grant Esposito/Mike Esposito
Gil Amaral/Tim Stringer

Pickled Jalapenos Division
(Play starts at 5:30 p.m. Thursday on two courts)
Joe Drown/Sean Longwell
Jacob Brewer/Hanna Kadinger
Jon Hall/Taylor Hall
Tim Cleland/Nick Bantz
Tiffany Stinson /Kenzie Isaacs


Men’s A Singles
Grant Esposito  THURS 5:30
Noah Lyons TUES 5:30
Tanner Southerland TUES 5:30
Brandon Jackson WED 6:30
Max Wampler WED 6:30
Tannon Dishman WED 5:30
Kyle Falck WED 5:30
Ben Bamidele TUES 7:00
Zach Ervin TUES 7:00
Jason Wegener THURS 7:00
Mike Esposito TUES 7:00
Cory Evans TUES 7:00
Charlie Behrman WED 5:30
Riley Worland WED 5:30
Jaxson Rinkenberger TUES 5:30
Josh Hadler TUES 5:30
Logan Mayer TUES 5:30
Mitch Minniear TUES 5:30
Alec Robillard WED 5:30


Men’s A Doubles

Grant Esposito / Alec Robillard  THURS 9:15
Mitch Minniear / Mason Minniear    TUES 9:00
Brandon Jackson / Tanner Southerland   TUES 9:00
Jon Wegener / Joe Wegener  WED 9:15
Tannon Dishman / Rob Robbins TUES 6:30
Jacob Brewer / Nick Bantz TUES 6:30
Zach Ervin / Jeff Price  WED 9:15
JD Greenlee / Josef Zacek TUES 7:00
Tim Cleland / Bob Darby TUES 7:00
Riley Worland / Jason Wegener  WED 9:15
Erich Ong / Drew Shermeta TUES 5:30
Ben Bamidele / Cade Brown TUES 5:30

Men’s B Singles

Daniel Vencel TUES 7:00
Jimmy Jeffries TUES 7:00
Derek Fenwick THURS 5:30
Holmes Finch THURS 5:30
Mason Minniear WED 5:30
Gil Amaral THURS 7:00
Josef Zacek WED 5:30
Joey Ulrich WED 5:30
Devin McKinley WED 7 :00
Nathan Simpson WED 7:00
Kyle Falck THURS 6:30

Men’s B Doubles

Bill Wampler / Max Wampler WED 9:00
Joey Ulrich / Jacob Emert WED 9:00
KyleFalck / Jimmy Jeffries WED 9:15
Derek Fenwick / Doug Holtzclaw WED 9:15
Christian Haley / Jonah Haley WED 9:00
Charlie Behrman / Ethan Darby WED 9:00
Devin McKinley / Walker Boyle TUES 7:00
Brad Matheny / Gil Amaral TUES 7:00

Men’s C Singles
(Round Robin event)
(First-Match Time Listed)

Christopher Stanley WED 5:30
Langdon Roark WED 5:30
Joe Stinson WED 5:30
Dalton Royal WED 5:30


Coed C Doubles
(Round Robin event)
(First-Match Time Listed)

Jaydon Sarino / Raphael Sabijon  THURS 7:00
Gabby Knight / Nicki Southerland  THURS 7:00
Joe Stinson  / Christopher Stanley FRI 5:30

Men’s 40+ Singles

Tim Cleland FRI 7:00
Brad Matheny FRI 7:00
Jim Wegener THURS 7:00
Bill Wampler THURS 7:00

Women’s A Singles

Ellie Snider FRI 5:30
Sasha Academia THURS 5:30
Emalee Wyatt THURS 5:30
Maggie Hunt TUES 7:00
Gwendolyn Clark TUES 7:00
Lucy Wilhoite TUES 7:00
Izzy Behrman TUES 7:00

Women’s A Doubles
(Round Robin event)
(First-Match Time Listed)

Kayla Dubuque / Ellie Snider THURS 8:30
Abby Bamidele / Mayzie Hinkle THURS 8:30
Izzy Behrman / Sam Academia FRI 8:30

Women’s B Doubles

Ali Tokar / Betsy Peckinpaugh WED 8:00
Nicki Southerland / Gabby Knight TUES 8:00
Hanna Kadinger / Naomi Brewer TUES 8:00
Barb Lockhart / Kristi Knapp WED 8:00
Shannon Ulrich / Lucy Wilhoite WED 8:00

Parent/Child A Doubles

Brad Matheny / Spencer Matheny SAT 6:00 p.m.
Tyler Roark / Bella Roark SAT 6:00 p.m.
Rob Robbins / Maddy Robbins SAT 9:00 a.m.
Bill Wampler / Max Wampler SAT 9:00 a.m.

Parent/Child B Doubles
(Round Robin event)
(First-Match Time Listed)

Matt Hunt / Maggie Hunt THURS 5:30
Tyler Roark / Langdon Roark THURS 5:30
Christian Haley / Madelyn Haley FRI 8:00

Parent/Child C Doubles

Jason Grunkemeyer / Josh Grunkemeyer WED 8:00 p.m.
Jen Southerland / Nicki Southerland WED 8:00 p.m.
Mandy Stone / Alexandra Stone TUES 8:00 p.m.
Nick Tokar / Henry Tokar TUES 8:00 p.m.

Mixed A Doubles

Charlie Behrman / Sam Academia THURS 5:30
Jaxson Rinkenberger / Gwen Clark TUES 9:00 p.m.
Gil Amaral / Bella Roark TUES 9:00 p.m.
Omar Academia / Sasha Academia WED 5:30
Erich Ong / Hannah Bowman WED 5:30
Mason Knight / Izzy Behrman TUES 9:00 p.m.
Derek Fenwick / Robbie Terranova TUES 9:00 p.m.


Mixed B Doubles

Jacob Brewer / Hanna Kadinger   FRI 8:30
Joey Ulrich / Lucy Wilhoite  THURS 8:30
Christian Haley / Amy Trendler  THURS 8:30
Jeff Ulrich / Shannon Ulrich  THURS 6:30
Mitch Minniear / Lois Carpenter  THURS 6:30


Mixed C Doubles
(Round Robin event)
(First-Match Time Listed)

Langdon Roark / Bella Roark  THURS 8:30 p.m.
Heath Butz / Emalee Wright  THURS 8:30 p.m.
Dalton Royal / Paige Swan  SAT 10:30 a.m.

Century Doubles
(Round Robin event)
(First-Match Time Listed)

Nick Tokar / Steve Murphy    THURS 8:00 p.m.
Ali Tokar / Betsy Peckinpaugh   THURS 8:00 p.m.
Tim Cleland / Kirsten Brewer SAT 9:00 a.m.


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