SmashCancer 7.0 to Feature New Items

Apparel sales are gaining steam for the seventh annual SmashCancer girls’ tennis match between Yorktown and Delta high schools.  The match is Tuesday, May 1 at the Delta courts.  Order forms are complete and are available at the schools and social media sites the week of April 16-20 as orders begin to be taken.

The teams have combined to raise $26,000 for local cancer organizations over the past six years.  This movement, which was founded here in the spring of 2012, has spread statewide, also, with additional matches in locations throughout Indiana and more than $125,000 raised for cancer groups.

Here are some of the plans for our 2018 version of SmashCancer:

SmashCancer baseball tee and hat

> There are some new clothing items.  For the first time, we are offering SmashCancer hats (nine colors) and SmashCancer baseball tees, which are 3/4 sleeves with white front and nine colors of sleeves.  We also offer short-sleeve cotton tees (nine colors), long-sleeve tie-dyes (11 colors) and crewneck sweatshirts (nine colors).

Tie Dye shirts

> For the first time, we are offering an elementary student order form.  This option is a short-sleeve tie-dye SmashCacner shirt.  We are excited to announce that 100% of elementary shirt sales will go to the family of Albany Elementary student Christian Daugherty, who is undergoing treatment for brain cancer.

> We are actively seeking Server Survivors.  These are people who are currently undergoing cancer treatment or who have faced cancer and are cancer free now.  Server Survivors also can be relatives of people who have passed from cancer.  Server Survivors hit an honorary first serve prior to the match.  Team members for both Delta and Yorktown are recruiting Server Survivors.  Christine Lykins of Delta Tennis Boosters is the overall contact person for this.

SmashCancer ball sponsor sign

> We are lining up Sponsor Balls as well.  This is an opportunity for a business or family to purchase a $100 full ball or $50 half ball that is posted in the DHS Tennis Pavilion for SmashCancer.  The ball signs are color coordinated to specific types of cancer.  Jimm Milligan of DHS Tennis Boosters is the overall contact person for this.

> We will have a balloon launch as part of the May 1 ceremony.  This has not been done at SmashCancer since 2013.

Balloon launch

> The teams for both Delta and Yorktown will be guests of the Cancer Center at IU Health Ball for a pasta dinner on Monday evening, April 30.

> Stay tuned for more information.