Four Girls Honored in AIM HIGH! Program

Three freshmen and one junior were the first recipients of AIM HIGH! t-shirts for the Spring 2023 season.

This is Coach Cleland’s character development program, which has been ongoing for more than a decade.  Each week, three or four players will earn a t-shirt based on demonstrating one of six positive traits chosen by the team.

For the first selections on Friday, March 31, the following girls were honored:

Freshman Ella Marcum, who earned a shirt for DETERMINATION.  She has shown rapid improvement this spring.

Freshman Olivia Marshall, who earned a shirt for SUPPORT.  She displays a positive, can-do spirit daily.

Freshman Elizabeth Bamidele, who earned a shirt for GRIT.  She has been practicing hard in drills and matches from start to finish.

Junior Gabby Knight, who earned a shirt for PASSION.  She loves to play and it shows through her energy and enthusisam.

More shirts will be awarded soon!

This year’s overall team theme is SERVE IT UP!  This theme focuses on the sub-topics of SERVING YOURSELF (choices, goals, discipline, commitment: SERVING FRIENDS (support, compliments, encouragement, accountability); and SERVING SOCIETY (giving time, giving resources, giving attention, giving love).

Here is complete information about the AIM HIGH! program: