Food Plans for Kokomo Invitational

The Kokomo Invitational is coming up Saturday (Sept. 9) and is full varsity and JV competition at two sites (Kokomo HS for varsity and Foster Park in Kokomo for all JV).  There will not be “extra JV” at Kokomo HS as we’ve had in the past.  Instead, all JV will play at the newly surfaced courts at Foster Park.  Participating teams are Kokomo, Lebanon and West Lafayette.

All players will get matches on Saturday.

Food plans are just getting started but need to pick up speed quickly!  Text Coach Cleland with your plans!

Follow here for more info.


Items still needed: EVERYTHING/ANYTHING!


Current Items – Varsity

(Coordinator: Jen Southerland)

– Gatorade – Tim Cleland


Current Items – Junior Varsity

(Coordinator: Needed)

– LeAnn Windsor – Willing to coordinate or assist

– Arnolds – Bananas & Cookies

– McKinleys – Awning and Gatorade