Delta High School Tennis


Yorktown (JV only)

Monday, April 15th at 5:15 p.m.

All healthy JV players got to play two matches Monday under beautiful sunny skies as the Eagles topped Yorktown 16-9 in a JV only match at Yorktown.

Winning twice for the Eagles were Tru Swoboda, Jocelyn Moody, Grace Flowers, Audrey Anderson, Mylee Jones, Hannah Swanson, Ava Flowers, Chloe Oliver, Ilicia Ritter and Noelle Longsworth.

Next up for Delta Tennis is the Teacher Appreciation Day match vs. Mt. Vernon on Wednesday at Delta.  The event begins with a 4 p.m. ceremony in which every team member will honor a special teacher.  The match between 13th-ranked Mt. Vernon and 22nd-ranked Delta then will follow the ceremony.

In the event of rain, the teacher appreciation ceremony will be moved indoors to the Learning Stairs.


Round One Singles

1. Tru Swoboda won 6-1
2. Addy Anderson lost 6-7
3. Jocelyn Moody won 6-4

Round One Doubles

  1. Grace Flowers/Sam Diaz won 6-2
  2. Mylee Jones/Audrey Anderson won 6-3
  3. Hannah Swanson/Mackemzie Lipps won 6-4
  4. Avery Barnes/Sammi Raleigh won 6-2
  5. Madison Sanchez/Ashlynn Sparks lost 3-6
  6. Maggie Ratts/Ava Flowers won 7-5
  7. Chloe Oliver/Ilicia Ritter won 6-1
  8. Noelle Longsworth/Blaysha Downing won 6-0
  9. Avery Ayres/Karlie Obenski lost 4-6
  10. Jax Hines/Caitie Wright lost 1-6

Round Two Singles

  1. Tru Swoboda won 6-2

Round Two Doubles

  1. Grace Flowers/Mylee Jones won 6-3
  2. Audrey Anderson/Addy Anderson won 6-0
  3. Jocelyn Moody/Hannah Swanson won 6-1
  4. Sam Diaz/Avery Barnes lost 2-6
  5. Mackemzie Lipps/Sammi Raleigh lost 3-6
  6. Maggie Ratts/Madison Sanchez lost 5-7
  7. Ava Flowers/Ilicia Ritter won 6-1
  8. Ashlynn Sparks/Chloe Oliver won 6-1
  9. Noelle Longsworth/Karlie Obenski won 6-0
  10. Blaysha Downing/Caitie Wright lost 2-6
  11. Jax Hines/Avery Ayres lost 0-6


Location Yorktown HS