Delta High School Tennis


Yorktown (JV only)

April 22nd, 2022 at 5:30 p.m.

JV players from Delta and Yorktown got together on Friday night for some competition at the brand-new Yorktown Tiger tennis complex.

Delta won more of the courts that featured the more experience JV players, while Yorktown won most of the courts that involved first-year players.

In the end, of the 22 sets played, Delta won 10 and Yorktown won 12.  Most importantly, everyone got to play twice.



Haliey Conner won 6-4
Kelsey Vest won 6-0
Kelsey Vest won 6-0 again
Autumn Subler lost 6-7
Emily Woodson lost 1-6


Rylen Jones / Anna Cardemon won 6-0
Ava Fallon / Emily Hayes lost 2-6
Hannah McDowell / Lizzy Thomas won 6-2
Emily Woodson / Mariah Garrett lost 1-6
Carley Kitchens / Lani Anderson lost 1-6
Sam Diaz / Ashlynn Sparks lost 0-6
Hannah Swanson / Sara Longoni lost 1-6
Ava McCully / Mariah Garrett lost 2-6
Lani Anderson / Ava Fallon won 6-4
Carley Kitchens / Emily Hayes won 6-1
Sam Diaz / Ashlynn Sparks lost 4-6
Lizzy Thomas / Rylen Jones won 6-1
Anna Cardemon / Hannah McDowell won 6-3
Emily Woodson / Mariah Garrett won 6=3
Hannah Swanson / Carley Kitchens lost 2-6
Sara Longoni / Ava McCully lost 1-6
Hailey Conner / Autumn Subler lost 2-6

Location Yorktown HS
Season Spring 2022